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Fueling excellence, sailing with precision.

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At Swiss Marine, our core philosophy is deeply rooted in the rich Swiss heritage of unwavering commitment to excellence, unparalleled precision, and a profound sense of environmental stewardship. 

These guiding principles are not just ideals to us; they are the bedrock upon which our operations, services, and customer relationships are built.



Our mission transcends the mere provision of marine fuels and services; we aim to be your most reliable and trusted partner in the marine industry. By choosing Swiss Marine, you are choosing a partner who not only ensures your vessels are powered by the highest quality marine fuels but also shares your commitment to sustainability and ethical business practices.


Our team of experts works tirelessly to ensure that your needs are met with the highest standards of quality and efficiency, embodying the Swiss values of reliability and thoroughness.


Hamed Fathi

Chief Legal Councel & Director

Hamed Fathi is the director and head of legal at Swiss Marine Energies. Prior to joining Swiss Marine, Hamed worked for some of the most prominent Anglo-American law firms, where his clients ranged from governments to banks and large conglomerates. Over the years, he has been involved in high profile cross border contentious and non-contentious work across all sectors and industries, specialising in corporate, banking and finance, restructuring, and litigious matters. During his time working at global law firms he was recognised as a "Rising Star" by the main legal directories, and since leaving legal practice and joining the maritime industry, he was recognised as "20 under 40" by the Seatrade Maritime – "celebrating the success and achievements of the top 20 industry professionals below the age of 40" who have contributed meaningfully to, and paved the way for, development and change in the industry. He regularly writes articles for major industry publications and is routinely invited to present views on panel discussions across the world. Hamed studied law at the University of London and is a qualified solicitor of England and Wales.


Ali Fathi


Ali Fathi is the Managing Director of Swiss Marine Energies. The commodity trading business of Swiss Marine is the brainchild of Ali. After finishing his studies in London in mathematics, with a major in finance and investment, he spent some years working in the asset management business of UBS Bank in management capacities. He then moved to the UAE to join a commodity supply business, where he learnt the intricacies of the trade and started the first business successfully trading in bunker fuels. Over a decade later, he is a recognised entrepreneur and a well-respected force in trading industry. Ali is a commercially minded trader, with prior background in physical supply, and he possesses a deep knowledge of the technicalities of the niche commodities that the business trades in, as well as the maritime industry. Given his track record of establishing successful businesses over the last two decades, he is regularly approached by leading publications for his views.


Roberto Barberio


Roberto is a member of the board of directors of Swiss Marine Energies. Over the previous three decades, Roberto spent his time working across multiple jurisdictions, including Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates, becoming a recognised name across various disciplines of banking including trade finance, corporate banking and asset management and advisory. Roberto qualified from the University of Zurich in Economics and spent a significant proportion of his career in Switzerland. He joined Swiss Marine in 2023 to consult on strategy, and oversee the finance, investment and banking relationships of the business.


Damien Brülhart


Damien is a director and trader at Swiss Marine Energies. He has spent much of his career working between Switzerland, South America and the United States launching multiple successful businesses. He is a gifted trader with a vast network of clients, both in the maritime and the banking sectors, thanks to his multicultural background and experience. Damien joined Swiss Marine in 2023 as director, focusing his efforts on the expansion of the company’s client base across the Western Hemisphere. As senior manager and trader, he works both on the strategy of the business, the expansion of the company’s footprint and its market share across Europe. Damien holds a Master in International Relations from the Graduate Institute of International Relations in Geneva.

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Our commitment

At Swiss Marine, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality marine fuels, including low-sulfur marine gas oil (MGO) and marine diesel oil (MDO), sourced from reputable suppliers to ensure consistent quality and superior performance. 

We go beyond fuel supply, offering consulting and solutions to enhance your vessel’s fuel efficiency, reduce operational costs, and minimize environmental impact.

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